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Wild Jungle Green Pu-erh "Maocha"

  • This tea is of David Lee Hoffman's -- The Phoenix Collection.
  • Wild Jungle Green Pu-erh is a wild picked Maocha from a small village. This loose leaf Pu-erh was aged in a man made cave. The tea has a woodsy, smokey aroma with delicate floral undertones. It has a deep, rich amber color and on the taste buds it offers an earthy mushroom with wood tones, and some smokiness. It's quite lovely and well balanced, with a near absence of tannins and a delicate sweet finish.
  • Gaiwan Method
    Using a 4 ounce Gaiwan, I recommend 3 grams of tea, at 205 temperature. I generally steep this tea for up to 30 seconds. Brewed this way, it usually yields 8 rounds.
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