Whole Rose Buds (Organic)

  • Whole Rose Bud Tea has a very sweet, floral and tranquil aroma that even hours after brewing, the rose fragrance still fills the room. This caffeine free tea (herbal) is an terrific drink with calming qualities to elevate your day! Certified Organic.
  • Drinking Rose Buds in hot water, is just that, their no caffeine, it's just these delightful little roses.

    Use a Tea Pot or a Tall Glass
    I recommend using glass and the reason for that is for the visual pleasure (watching the roses float in water). Add 3 whole buds to a tea pot (or tall glass) pour in hot water and allow it to steep anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. The longer the steeping time allows for more of the medicinal qualities of the rose to be released into the water.
  • Anything that encourages you to slow down and to actually take time to quiet yourself is great medicine for your body, and spirit. Have you ever noticed that when you sniff roses you probably close your eyes, it's like you want to close down your other senses so that you become one with the scent of the rose. Just taking a moment to stop and sniff the roses, even if it's only a short moment, is one of the best medicinal gifts to give yourself -- it's the gift of slowing down, being present and giving yourself more space to be.

    Rose Buds are used in Ayurvedic & Traditional Chinese Medicine for:

    * Easing anxiety & nervousness
    * Great for your skin, hair & nails
    * Boosting the immune system
    * Protecting the body from free-radical damage
    * Defending against stomach & liver distress
    * Improving blood circulation
    * Easing constipation
    * Aiding in the healing of wounds
    * Relieving indigestion

Type: Herbal

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