Tieguanyin, Competition "Monkey Picked"

  • This tea is of David Lee Hoffman's -- The Phoenix Collection.
  • This Tieguanyin is complex and long-lasting. You'll be both amazed and delighted. It's so delicious! The sheer fruitiness of this tea after fermentation is neatly subtle. The lush and pervasive notes of nectarine and apricot are natural results of this tea’s terroir, and the hands that plucked, withered, rolled, dried, and roasted it.
  • Gaiwan Method
    Using a 4 ounce Gaiwan, I recommend 3 grams of tea, at 185 temperature. First do a quick pre-steep rinse to ensure that the leaves infuse evenly and then steep for about 60 seconds (allowing the leaves to unroll), from there after I start the infusions at 30 seconds. I find I can get three to five good steepings out 3 grams.

Category: Oolong

Type: Oolong

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