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Skullcap (Organic)

  • Skullcap is a great tea for the "Type A" personalities that need to relax a little. It's a wonderful nervine herb that is highly beneficial for reducing stress and alleviating tension. It's taste is mild, it's not bitter.
  • How to make a cup of Skullcap Tea

    Use a Your Favorite Cup and a Tea Strainer
    I recommend adding a large pinch of Skullcap to your strainer. Let it steep in very hot water for anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes. The longer the steeping time allows for more of the medicinal qualities of Skullcap is released into the water.
  • In herbal medicine, the Skullcap tea common uses include relief of nervous tension, anxiety and nerve pain. Women who are having anxiety associated with hormonal imbalances can find skullcap very calming.

    Skullcap is used in Western Herbalism to:

    * Relieves nervous tension.
    * Is a natural sleep aid.
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