Silver Bud White Pu-erh, Big Snow Mountain, "Da Xue Shan" 2003

  • This tea is of David Lee Hoffman's -- The Phoenix Collection.
  • Our silver Bud White Pu-erh is from Big Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province. This Pu-erh has deep, clean flavor ranging from sweet to woodsy. The Chinese believe that tea has chi, or a life force. If this is true, then this particular tea has a very strong chi. A truly unique example of a rare, white Pu-erh.
  • Brewing Guide
    Using a 4 ounce Gaiwan, I recommend 3 grams of tea, at 205 temperature. First a quick wash of the tea leaves, then brew for 2 to 4 minutes. Brewed this way, the tea would yield more than 4 rounds.

Category: Pu-erh

Type: Pu-erh

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