Linden Leaf & Flower (Organic)

  • This Linden tea has a wonderful delicate taste. if enjoy the calming effects of Chamomile but find the taste a little too overwhelming, try Linden Leaf & Flower.
  • How to make a cup of Linden Tea

    Use a Your Favorite Cup and a Tea Strainer
    I recommend adding a large pinch of Linden to your strainer. Let it steep in very hot water for anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes. The longer the steeping time allows for more of the medicinal qualities of the Linden is released into the water.
  • In herbal medicine, Linden tea is recommended to ward off anxiety and promote relaxation.

    Linden is used in Western Herbalism to:

    * Relieves nervous tension.
    * Is a natural sleep aid.

Type: Herbal

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