Honey Orchid Black Tea, Special Production

  • This tea is of David Lee Hoffman's -- The Phoenix Collection.
  • Honey Orchid (Mi Lan) Black Tea. This is a wonderful black tea with strong notes of chocolate, honey and nuts. You'll not only delight in the taste, but you'll be carried along into another world with it's gorgeous aroma.

    I enjoy black tea anytime of day and this is a tea that I like to drink while I am starting to cook dinner for the family. It gives me a little bit of a wake-up after a long day of work, but not too much where it leaves me feeling jittery and strung-out.
  • Gaiwan Method
    Using a 4 ounce Gaiwan, I recommend 3 grams of tea, at 205 temperature. First a quick wash of the tea leaves, then brew for 1 minute. On the second infusion, steep for 1 minute, adding approximately 10 seconds to subsequent infusions. Brewed this way, the tea would yield more than 8 rounds.

Category: Black

Type: Black

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