Golden Monkey, Black Tea

  • This tea is of David Lee Hoffman's -- The Phoenix Collection.
  • Golden Monkey, Black Tea is hand-processed each spring by carefully plucking its leaves and buds. It is considered one of the finest black teas available. The name of the tea comes from the leaves that resemble monkey claws. Golden Monkey leaves are grown at altitudes of 4,000 feet. This tea comes from the Yunnan province; a mountainous, cloudy and misty province. During ancient times, Golden Monkey was consumed by local landlords and Taipans. Due to the rarity of the tea, the Taipans believed that it had special powers. The people claimed that it provided them with agility and sexual powers.

    Despite the fact that it has been growing for 1700 years, Golden Monkey is a relatively new tea in the West, since it only started being exported within the last 13 to 18 years.
  • Gaiwan Method
    Using a 4 ounce Gaiwan, I recommend 3 grams of tea, at 205 temperature. First a quick wash of the tea leaves, then brew for 1 minute. On the second infusion, also steep for 1 minute, adding approximately 10 seconds to subsequent infusions. Brewed this way, the tea would yield more than 8 rounds.

Category: Black

Type: Black

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