Wu Wei Mystery School

Wu Wei Mystery School - Fairfax, CA Marin County

Starting on Wednesday November 1st
Wu Wei Mystery School will open the door to No Mind
and through this passageway
you will be guide to the very center of creation.

Suit up for the Open House
Wed 13th September, 2017 at 8pm
at the Wu Wei Tea House
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What is the Wu Wei Mystery School?

This is a gift for myself as I deepen and explore "what is love." This Wu Wei Mystery School is a bigger dream, that rests within the Wu Wei Tea Temple dream. This gift I am offering up for the beings called to participate in it; is my deepest place of surrender, self acceptance, allowance and trust in the unknown/unknowable. Come in and join me... let's step into the practice of Wu Wei together, non action, no mind. From here we will sink deeper & deeper into the mystery. This mystery that I speak of... is you.

How does it work?

Yes, indeed the mind loves to manage the details...

Starts in October and goes to June, during that time we will gather for 9 full days & 9 partial evening (all on Wednesdays). Yes, I have the exact dates, let me know when you're ready for them. 

My request is for each of us to go the distance.

Space is limited.

What you'll get out this this?

An Archetypal awakening of your Master Weaver
Experience consciously playing in the Tao, exploring the practice of Wu Wei

Lots of self love and honoring of who you also are

How will you know if this is for you or not?

Your _body_ is saying YES!

Fee for the Spiritual Journey into the unknowable?



Come talk with me.

Open House September 13th, 8pm 
at the Wu Wei Tea Temple
1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fairfax, CA 94930