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Kava Bar

The Wu Wei is the only Kava Bar in Marin

Welcome to a 3,000 year old drink! Kava is a plant, and the name of a beverage made from the root and stump of Piper Methysticum, a close relative of Black Pepper. So when you notice that tingling in your mouth that's the effects of the pepper. The name Kava comes from the people of Vanuatu, rumored to be the historical guardians and agricultural architects of the plant. Vanuatu is a set of islands roughly 750 miles west of Fiji.

At the Wu Wei Tea Temple, we love to introduce our customers to the Fijian "Bula" Kava Ceremony. Bula means the "Big Hello", and who is this Big Hello to, you may ask? It is to the future you! In our ceremony, we let go of whatever it is that keeps us from being present in the present moment, and welcome in who we could be without that mental distraction.

We offer some of the very best Noble/True Kava's you might ever have. All of our Kava has been certified "Noble." Our Kava comes from Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga. We serve up both Lateral Roots and Stump Roots, and often times a combination of the two.

Kava is a wonderful alternative to alcohol, it helps relax you in the body and put more space between thoughts. Many people feel that Kava helps them feel more loving, heart sharing, chilled out, or just calmer in their body.

We make lots of Kava fresh daily and it is available as a low 4 ounce or high 8 ounce tide. We also have a variety of blended Kava drinks, which are even more delightful than the straight Kava. Come in and experience a Bula with us!

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