Bone Broth Bar Cocktails

We serve incredible Bone Broth made by the Bone Broth Company out of Sebastopol, CA.

Get ready to support your body in a very deep and nourishing way. Our bone broth helps people who suffer from osteoporosis, low bone density, broken bones, rebuilding of cartilage and more. Our bone broth is delicious (made with locally sourced herbs and vegetables). We offer in by the cup -- served up as delicious Bone Broth Cocktails. Each cocktail is $8 each or purchase frozen by the Quart for $16.

Our Bone Broth Cocktails are 100% alcohol free ;-)

We are the only Bone Broth Bar in Marin

Black & Red Sazerac
Beef Bone Broth with Black Truffle, Red + White Pepper, Adaptogen Cordyceps blended with the Finest Herbs + Spices

Hot Tantra Tottie
Beef Bone Broth with a Hint of Smoke + Fire, Himalayan Salt, Finished with Alluring Spices + Seductive Herbs

Moroccan Side Car
 Beef Bone Broth with Fresh Mint, Cilantro, Lemon Peel, Smoke + Fire + Spices From the Four Corners of the World

French 75
Lamb Bone Broth with Herbs e Provence, Adaptogen Cordyceps, Black Pepper, Gray Salt Blended with a WIld Medley of Herbs + Spices

Mint Julip
Lamb Bone Broth with Fresh Mint, Black Pepper, Enticing Herbs + Spices, Finished with a light Hint of Fire

Pollo Picante
Chicken Bone Broth with Gray Salt, Black Pepper, Smoke + Fire, Finished with Dried Herbs + Ground Spices

Fernet Blanco
Chicken Bone Broth Adaptogen Cordyceps, Black Pepper, Finished with an Assortment of Herbs+ Spices + Smoke + Fire