Oolong Collection

We proudly serve David Lee Hoffman's The Phoenix Collection!

These Oolong Teas remind me of the Dr. Suess book _All The Places You'll Go_. Thinking of that book are you ready for a wild tea ride into the realm of the unknown? On this ride we are talking about wild orchids over 50 feet tall, along with Guan Yin personally blessing each tea cup as you pass through time chanting "om mani padme hum." Yes, this Oolong collection will show you the wonder and awe of your sweet essence and with each conscious sip you take, you also create the possibility of fall deeper-and-more-madly-in-love with yourself. There's no going back now, the leaves are half unfurled and each sip takes you closer-and-closer to your true essence. Are you ready? I'm ready. Let's play... _All The Places You'll Go_!