November 07, 2014

Wu Wei Tea Meditation

Tea meditation is a time to be with the a like minded community in a joyful and quiet atmosphere. Just to enjoy tea together is enough. It is an opportunity to share our joy and happiness in simply being together.

At times, when we are drinking tea with a friend, we are not aware of the tea or even of our friend sitting there. Practicing tea meditation is to be truly present with our tea, our friends and the moment at hand. Being able to be present in the present moment despite all of our sorrows and worries, is a very powerful practice. Sitting in a tea meditation feeling relaxed without having to say anything. Through allowing for the possibility of sharing a song, a story, or a dance -- a tea meditation can become something quite divine for the group.

For a tea meditation you may consider bringing a musical instrument or prepare something ahead of time. It is an opportunity for us to water the seeds of happiness and simplicity. Another way for us to understanding and love in each other.

October 30, 2014

Chinese character for Tea 茶 (Cha)

The interesting thing is the Chinese character for Tea 茶 (Cha) is actually three smaller characters combined into one. The top one represents plants, the middle represents human or person while the bottom means wood or being rooted. So if we are poetic in our translation of the word Cha (Tea) it could mean something like this... "The plant that gives humans a sense of being rooted or balanced."
August 01, 2014

OSHO :: Have a Cup of Tea

Here's a Zen Story:
Joshu, the Zen master, asked a new monk in the monastery, 'Have I seen you before?'
The new monk replied, 'No sir.'
Joshu said, 'Then have a cup of tea.'
Joshu then turned to another monk, 'Have I seen you here before?
The second monk said, 'Yes sir, of course you have.'
Joshu said, 'Then have a cup of tea.'
Later the managing monk of the monastery asked Joshu, 'How is it you make the same offer of tea to any reply?'
At this Joshu shouted, 'Manager, are you still here?'
The manager replied, 'Of course, Master.'
Joshu said, 'Then have a cup of tea.'

The first thing to be understood is that complex things can be understood, simple things cannot. A simple thing is alone. This Zen story about Joshu is very simple. It is so simple it escapes you: you try to grip it; you try to grab it - it escapes. It is so simple that your mind cannot work on it. Try to feel the story. I will not say try to understand because you cannot understand it - try to feel the story. Many things are hidden within it if you try to feel them; if you try to understand it nothing is there - the whole anecdote is absurd.

Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Talk #4
March 17, 2014

Cuisinart Hot Water Pot

Ohmigod where has this pot been my entire life?!! I have been making tea the old school style, by watching water boil and tracking the bubbles to determine the temperature -- fish eyes, frogs eyes, dragon eyes, you get the point. I gotta say, I am so happy that I made the decision to bring one into my life... it not only heats the water up to your requested temperature but it keeps it warm at that temperature for 30 minutes.


I remember buying my first hot water dispenser in 1998 (after a trip to Japan) and how much joy that dispenser brought me for years (I still use it today) and it's great to know that 16 years later -- hot water technology still brings me as much joy as ever!